Consign with KID MANIA & Earn 70%-80%


Regular Consignor Registrations usually fill up in the first few hours; then we will open it up to Restocking Consignors.

If you registered and then cannot participate, UNREGISTER ASAP on your Consignor's Homepage.  UNREGISTER:  Before this CLOSED Date: FEE is $5, but you will get a refund:  After this CLOSED Date: NO REFUND

DISABLE DATE:  SAT, APRIL 23rd at 11:59pm
This how long you have to input & edit inventory, schedule a drop off shift and work shift(s).  You can still print your tags after this date just not add/edit Inventory,Drop Off Shift, or Work Shifts!



CONSIGNOR Registration Day

Registration is paid via PayPal using your credit/debit card or personal Paypal account.  

Regular Consignor slots fill up in just a few hours!   We will Shut Down the system and reopen later that day for Restocking Consignors.  THE SYSTEM DOES NOT HAVE A FUNCTION TO TELL YOU if you are a Regular Consignor or Restocking Consignor, so please be on our mailing list.  We announce RESTOCKING CONSIGNORS via Email, Facebook and on this Website.

When registrations open you can follow these important Consignor Registration Instructions  
Click on the CONSIGNOR LOGIN BUTTON at the top of every page of our website:

NEW CONSIGNORS: Once you click on I need a consignor number, enter all your contact information (this is how we communicate and send checks so make sure it is accurate), write down your password, and then you will be taken to the PayPal Payment Screen to pay your registration fee of $15.

PAST CONSIGNORS:  Once you enter your Username & Password, verify your contact information and then you will be taken to the PayPal Payment Screen to pay your registration fee of $15

NEW CONSIGNORS:  After you make your $15 payment you will receive a Message with your ID# (write it down) and click continue to go direct to the Consignor Login Page.  Type in your ID# and Password to make sure you can login correctly.

PAST CONSIGNORS: After you make your $15 payment you will go direct to the Consignor Login Page. Type in your ID# and Password to make sure you can login correctly.

NEW CONSIGNORS:  You will get a Registration Confirmation email with your username and password with NEXT STEPS.  You will also get a PayPal Confirmation of payment received of $15.

PAST CONSIGNORS:  You will get a Registration Confirmation email letting you know your NEXT STEPS.  You will also get a PayPal Confirmation of Payment received of $15.

ALL CONSIGNORS:  You will get a WELCOME NEWSLETTER with KID MANIA's instructions on what to do next.  Please READ & SAVE THIS EMAIL to refer back to it.  IF YOU ARE A RESTOCKING CONSIGNOR it will say "Welcome Restocking Consignor".  That is the only confirmation to let you know if your drop off date is Friday and you are a RESTOCKING CONSIGNOR.


Once our Regular Consignor registration is full we will open up registrations for RESTOCKING Consignors.  YOU CAN STILL PARTICIPATE in our event & make money!

Regular Consignor Slots are filled within a few hours of opening registrations.  We will shut it down and reopen in a few hours with an announcement.  THERE IS NOT A FUNCTION IN OUR PAYMENT SYSTEM TO LET YOU KNOW IF YOU ARE A REGULAR OR RESTOCKING CONSIGNOR so please be on the mailing list.  We announce it via email, Facebook and at the top of this page when Restocking Registrations are being accepted!  

Don't let RESTOCKING fool you into thinking you won't make money because you drop off one day later!  At our last event our average RESTOCKERS earned $525, we had 2 make over $1000!  Saturdays are now just as busy as our Fridays! 

VIP CONSIGNOR Tagging Service            

Don't have time to input inventory and tag your items?  Let KID MANIA's Tagging Service be another option for you!
 Our Tagging Service will input, prepare your items and provide all the supplies for you!  Here is our VIP Consignor Tagging Service Agreement.

CONSIGNOR HOMEPAGE - On Line Registration/Inventory/Schedule System

After a consignor has registered and received a Username and Password, they can LOGIN at the top of every page on the KID MANIA Website called "Consignor Login" Button.  It will take the consignor to the Consignor Homepage at their convenience throughout the sale and save all entered information.

Login will allow Consignors to:
-Pay registration fee via a credit/debit card or personal PayPal account.
-Agree to the KID MANIA Seller Agreement and Recall Waiver.
-Input or edit Inventory.
-Activate and edit unsold Inventory to bring to the next event.
-Schedule or Change a Drop Off Shift.
-Schedule or Change a Volunteer Shift.
-Print price tags
-View estimated earnings during the sale (estimated is everyone earning 70%)
-View sold items
-View sellers reports
-View donation reports


Any items that did not sell and you wish to donate are picked up at the end of our event.  Consignors will indicate on their price tags if their item IS or is NOT for donation.  KID MANIA will automatically pull those items off the floor for you at the end of the sale to give directly to our following donations:

Maternity, Children sizes NEWBORN to Size 4, Baby Items & Equipment:
The Genesis Center in Washington, PA.
They provide support & services to those women facing an unplanned pregnancy, adoption or foster care. They will NOT accept Books, Movies, or Toys of any kind; only necessity items.
Children sizes 5 and older:
The Washington City Mission in Washington, PA
They also work hand in hand with the Genesis Center and provide clothing to those in need as well as sell items to provide special programs within the community. 

Donation Reports are on your Consignor Home Page to print for tax purposes at the end of the year.  This report will ONLY reflect the price tags marked with a "D" or "Donate:Yes".  If you placed an additional item on the donation table at the end of the event, you need to keep a personal record. 

It is recommended at the end of each sale to print or save this report to your computer.  At the end of each sale this report will be erased for the next event.  Email for a Donation Tax Receipt and let Melissa know which charity you made donations.

If the price tag is not marked for donation and at Pick Up you decide to make a Donation, it is YOUR responsibility to take your item off the rack and put in the donation pile. You cannot leave your items there assuming we will donate (otherwise we will assess a $10 fee from your Settlement Check). 


You will receive 70% of your profits (30% Consignor Fee). You can potentially receive up to 80% (MAXIMUM ALLOWED) of your earnings by earning discounts for volunteering or having referrals.

A settlement check will be sent to your address on your registration within 2 weeks of the event. You have 5 days to report any discrepancies, once the check has been cashed or after 5 days, all discrepancies are Void. Checks must be cashed within 2 weeks so we can balance out our sale.
We do not provide replacement checks, so cash them fast before they get misplaced!