Accepted / Not Accepted Items

ACCEPTED ITEMS (Items will be inspected at Drop Off)

 - Spring & Summer Items Only-we still will take Long Sleeves/Pants.  (NOT turtleneck shirts, velour, velvet, corduroy, winter hats-gloves-coats-boots, heavy sweaters, winter/fall holiday images -  save those items for the Fall/Winter Sale)

- Fall & Winter Items Only-we will still take Short Sleeves and Capri Pants.  (NOT shorts, swim suits, swim shoes, sandals, flip flops, summer/spring items - save those for the Spring/Summer Sale).

- Accepting all brand names, designer name brands sell the best!

NUMBER OF ITEMS - Minimum is 25 - Maxium 500 for New Consignors.
(Expect:  SHOE LIMIT- 15 pair for boys & 15 pair for girls - MUST LOOK LIKE NEW!).
Starting in 2016, NEW Consignors will be limited to 500 items and PAST Consignors must  have on their last Seller Report a 70% or higher of items SOLD in order to sell over up to 1,000 items. 
(1,000+ Items for Past Consignors w/ 70% or higher sell thru rates still requires KID MANIA APPROVAL)

INSPECTION - Items are inspected at drop-off.  If you have more than 10 items not accepted, consignors will be charged a $10 Rejection Fee from their settlement checks.

NOT ACCEPTED ITEMS (There will be a FEE for rejected items at Drop Off)

INSPECTION - Items are inspected at drop-off.  If you have more than 10 items not accepted, consignors will be charged a $10 Rejection Fee from their settlement checks

Please do not be offended if we return items to you during the inspection process at drop off.  It happens all the time where a few items get overlooked due to lighting or not understanding our rules.  It's best a second set of eyes look things over, we just ask that you take the rejected items back home.  KID MANIA is striving to make our sale full of QUALITY ITEMS so that our shoppers tell their friends and return each event.    

Recalled Items

Recalled Items are NOT ACCEPTED
(It is the Consignor Responsibility to verify)

It is the consignor's responsibility to check ALL of their items against recalls.   You can either go directly to the CPSC Wesbsite to use our Search For Recall page from WeMakeItSafer to check toys, equipment, etc are safe!

By registering as a consignor via our online registration process, consignors must agree to our terms and verifying all items against recalls is one of our terms.  New Laws are in place for Consignments & Resale Events. Fines Up to $100,000 to the Consignor, so please take this seriously.


Please visit one of the links above or the popular Consumer Product Safety Commission to view a Company/Product for recalled items. 

To the right of this page is a wonderful BADGE that you can easily sign up on their mailing list to receive emails for current recalls. You can select you only want to see CHILDREN recalls.

NEW:  We have a WeMakeItSafer page on our website to Search For Recalls quickly.  You can also see the button on our Facebook Page and you can click on the button to download on your Facebook page too!