Preparing Items




--Safety Pins, Tagging Guns, Hangers (CTSUSA has FREE SHIPPING)



Inactive to Active Inventory

Past Consignor's UNSOLD Inventory stays in the system up to 24 months as INACTIVE.  Consignors DO NOT have to recreate your tags unless it's past the 24 months or if they need to edit the tag in any way.  Once a sale is over, all unsold items that a consignor did not donate will go into an INACTIVE file.  When the consignor pays their registration fee, they need to go to the file and make all the items they are bringing back to the upcoming event ACTIVE again.  

Please DO NOT MAKE ALL ITEMS ACTIVE, see the VIDEO above. You need to match the items on your report you are making active to they items you are physically bringing to the next event & that they are acceptable/seasonal items! 
Starting in 2016 your Seller Report must show a 70% or higher of items sold in order to sell more than 500 Items.  We do not adjust this report for any items rejected, not seasonal, acceptable or because you did not bring an item listed.

IMPORTANT:  All INACTIVE inventory will stay on the consignors account for 24 months and then it will automatically be deleted; so don't worry if you are leaving seasonal items for the next season.  However, don't be surprised if items are missing from your inventory.  If they haven't sold in 2 years they are missing from your inventory, so maybe it is time remove from the event & not sell, or edit/recreate a tag and try one last time with DISCOUNT and DONATE as Yes.

Inventory Entry 
-entering your items to print out price tags


Price Tags are produced on the CONSIGNOR HOME PAGE under "Work with Consigned Inventory" link. You will print and attach your tags using a safety pin (NOT STRAIGHT PIN) or tagging gun.

Be specific on your tag and don't go over the allotted character space. If the tag comes off your item, it will be easy to find with the best description you can provide to re-tag and put back on the floor.

Tags cannot be altered after printed.  We will reject any tag that has items crossed off or changed using a pen/marker.  If you make a change to the tag, they need to be made on the computer and reprinted.  (You CAN write on the side important info; you just cannot change the printed info.)

DESCRIPTIONS to each selection when entering your Inventory to create a Tag:

CATEGORY:  SPRING/SUMMER   FALL/WINTER  -Review all options and select the best description; BE ACCURATE AND CHOOSE THE RIGHT CATEGORY!  It is important because certain items are coded taxable, we need for the floor plan to create set up and drop off quick and easy, and so reports are accurate and understandable!

SIZE:  Read carefully your Size Options. If you have a 6month Item, don't select 6, please select 6month.  Select the accurate SIZE (cannot use S, M, L OR N/A - SELECT an accurate size!).  SHOES have their own size, it must say SHOE and then size, don't just select CLOTHING and a Size.  USE THIS:  Sizing Chart or Sizing Chart Conversion.

DESCRIPTION # 1:  Type in BRAND NAME & TYPE (Example: Carters Dress)

DESCRIPTION # 2:  Color & Description ( Ex: Red with Blue Flowers)
(Be as descriptive as you can without using capital letters or going over allotted space)

PRICING:  Price in increments of .50.  Consignors make their own prices or use our Pricing Chart.

DISCOUNT:  Check this box if you want to sell it for 1/2 Price only on Sunday Only.

DONATE:  Check this box to donate your item if UNSOLD.  We automatically remove your item and donate to the Charity KM has chosen for this event.

Items missing tags will NOT be sold and placed in Lost & Found (hoping the tag will be found). You have a chance to claim on Sunday during pick up; otherwise it will be placed in donations they are NOT kept by KID MANIA, LLC.  If you are missing items, we suggest you write them off as a donation.

If you have any problems with your Price Tags during printing see: PRINTING TAGS

Tagging Guns vs Safety Pins

Safety Pins are still acceptable (NOT STRAIGHT PINS or TINY GOLD PINS); however, Tagging Guns are faster to tag your items than pins and less painful!  You can purchase Tagging Guns on EBay, Staples, OfficeMax, etc.

When attaching your Price Tags to your items using either method, make sure it is on a seam of the clothing or under an area that you cannot see the hole.  Large pins can also make holes so please put in a seam or under a collar, inside a pocket, behind a loop, etc...How to Get Rid of Holes and How to use a Tagging Gun.   


Start saving and hoarding those hangers today!  Ask friends or family to save hangers and give you the hangers with your kids gifts, ask at local stores or dry cleaners if they have any to spare.  The best place to buy hangers would either be Walmart or Dollar Stores.  We accept any kind of hanger.

KID MANIA used to save hangers at checkout to divide up equally to Consignors during Pickup on Sunday.  We are NO LONGER providing this service.  It was a courtesy; however with the increase of shoppers (yay!) we cannot support holding up the checkout lines (sorry!)  You can CLICK on this picture  à
to view places to find FREE or CHEAP Hangers.  

Ask local stores if they have any hangers for free such as GOOD WILL which just throws them away!  Or get them cheap at a local dry cleaners.  Last you can order hangers; we suggest CTS USA Wholesale Supplies they offer free shipping on some hangers or no tax at Only Hangers.

Clothing (Newborn - Size 16yr)

  We do not place clothing on tables because it takes up too much space and doesn't sell. YES Pajamas are hung on hangers!  ONESIES (not Sleepers or onesie PJs) should be on a hanger if you want them to sell, however, several can be sold together in a large zip lock bag:

EXCEPTION:  Onesies, socks, tights/hose are the only exception to place in a baggie on the table.  If you have onesies in a bag and not on a hanger, please make sure you select the appropriate category "Onesie - Bagged" so we know it goes on the table). 

You can put SETS together to equal 1 item; however the clothing MUST HAVE THE SAME BRAND NAME and SAME SIZE.  Example: We will not accept a Carter's Shirt with Levi Pants; also we will not accept a 2T Shirt with 3T pants.

Clothing must be hung on the appropriate size hanger as to not fall off.  If you have multiple pieces on a hanger you should pin or tag them together so they don't separate and get lost.

Pants are NOT FOLDED over a hanger.  They are either clipped onto an appropriate pant hanger or pinned as described below:

Depending on the GENDER we put HANGERS and PRICE Tags on opposite sides:Tags and Hangers are positioned differently depending on the gender.  (See video above or picture HERE)  
Put your article of clothing on the Table and look facing down at them, then Tag as:

At the venue, clothing is hung by gender and size order. When you DROP OFF your inventory before the sale, please store your inventory in the GENDER then SIZE order for a QUICK and EASY Inspection.  

Shoes (Newborn to Big Kids 6 1/2 - Teen & Jr Sizes )

Tie the laces together, pin the shoes through the eyelets or use Zip Ties or a piece of string or ribbon through the eyelets to keep your shoes together. Putting in Zip Lock Bags are also OK. Shoes are organized by gender and size on the tables. Pin the tag though an eyelet or use clear packing tape to the zip lock bag (do not cover the bar code with the tape).  

THERE WILL BE AN INSPECTION.  WE ONLY ACCEPT SHOES NEW OR LIKE NEW!  We will reject any shoe with dirt, scuff marks, smelly, or missing pieces (such as glitter).  

LIMIT is 15 pair of girl and 15 pair of boys at this time, so please select your BEST pair(s) of shoes!


RECALLS:  All toys and equipment must be checked with the Consumer Product and Safety Commission:  

See the ACCEPTABLE ITEMS Page for the CPSC Badge on the far right.  Click on it to look up your items!   You can also sign up to receive EMAIL Updates of current recalls!

On the CPSC website, you can check by Manufacturer or product type to make sure your items are safe to sell. There has been several toys recalled for lead issues. Please make sure you are not selling an unsafe item, fines are to the consignor and criminal charges can be made. It is your responsibility, as a consignor, to check this site!

We also have our our own page from WeMakeItSafer which is also a fast way to find recalls.

PREPARE TOYS:  Smaller toys will be placed on the tables (look for signs for similar item locations). Larger toys will go at the end of the tables OR put in HALL 4 with the Equipment.  Volunteers will assist you.

All toys or equipment that require a battery MUST have batteries included.  We will reject toys or equipment without working batteries.

When tagging these items, use a safety pin or clear packing tape. If there are any loose items, please put them in a zip lock baggie and tape securely with the clear packing tape. We find several loose items and not know what they go to, please find a way to keep them all together. 

DVDs and CDs

Verify the correct DVD or CD is inside the case.  Tape shut the case WITH the DVD or CD INSIDE and place your price tag on the back of the case.

Video Games OR Computer Games

1) NEW STILL IN THE BOX:  Do nothing, make sure the box is sealed or place packing tape over the the box to seal in the game.  Place a price tag on the bag of the box.  ONLY SEAL THE BOXES IF A GAME IS INSIDE.

2) USED AND BOX IS OPEN:  Print the SAME Tag TWICE for each game: SAFEST WAY TO SELL:
The first tag will be placed on the video/computer game BOX or holder (NOT CONTAINING THE ACTUAL GAME)  and hand write and HIGHLIGHT on the tag "original game is at checkout". This will alert checkout to get the original game after the customer has paid for their item. DO NOT TAPE THE BOX SHUT, LEAVE IT OPEN TO SHOW NO GAME IS INSIDE!

The second tag will be placed on the ZIP LOCK BAG (CONTAINING THE ACTUAL GAME).  The actual games will be placed in a box behind the Checkout Desk.  We will match up the tags and games at the time of checkout and payment has been made.

3) NO BOX IS AVAILABLE JUST A GAME:  These can be stolen very easy!  f you do not have a box for your game, just the game itself, then print only one tag.  It is a good idea; however, to place the game in a zip lock bag and staple (or use packing tape) to a piece of card board the size of the back of a writing tablet (8x11) to HOLD your game so it is not so easy to shoplift and easily recognized to scan at checkout.  KID MANIA will have some card board at the sale if you need it.

Equipment and Large Items

The larger items are on the floor, smaller items are on the table. There will be signs for their location.
HALL 4 will hold our Furniture, Pack N Plays, Bassinets, Strollers, High Chairs, Swings, Walkers, Exersaucers, Bouncy Seats, other Large Equipment and Large Toys. (Anything that will not fit on a table...most other toys will be in HALL 1).
Larger items will have CLAIM TICKETS attached to them to replace the holding area.  When you attach your tag, have it so the Sorters can easily remove and staple to a CLAIM TICKET during Drop Off.  If you have over 3 Large items, email KID MANIA with your ID# and Number Of Claim Tickets you need in order to prepare before your Drop Off Shift.
If you still have instructions or manuals to go with your items, please enclose or attach someone to your item.  They will sell faster.

You must also STILL check your Equipment for RECALLS.

CAR SEATS/CAR SEAT BASES/CAR BOOSTER SEATS & CRIBS require a completed Check List as verification they meet safety requirements to re-sell. Print and complete the  Crib Checklist and or
 Car Seat/Car Base/Car Booster Seat Checklist  and bring with you at your scheduled drop off time.

If your item needs assembled, buyers will be more likely to purchase.  Bring your tools to assemble and then leave them at the front desk in a zip lock bag.  Indicate on your bag your name and ID# to be returned to you during Drop Off on Sunday.
*** Don't forget to check all items for any recalls before you bring them to sell.  Selling a recalled item, could include a fine to the Consignor up to $100,000.***

Over-Sized Items - MARKETING AD

Examples:  Bedroom Set, Swing Set, Trampoline, Basketball Hoop, ATV, Motorcycle

If you have an over-sized item you would like to sell, we can advertise to everyone on our Mailing List and Facebook Page (over 6,000 people) and at the Kids Resale Event if you place the ad during the month of our sale.  We will BRING THE BUYER TO YOU! You don't have to be a consignor to participate!  How Does an Over-Sized Items - Marketing Ad Work.

  1. Send to an email request to KID MANIA.