$100 Shopping Spree
SHOP Before the Presale!  



PRESALE is Thursday -  OCTOBER 5, 2017:

KID MANIA does NOT sell Pre-Sale Passes
.  We give them only to VolunteersVendors renting a table and selected Contest Winners that are invited to shop before the public sale.

Entry is NOT permitted without the presale pass.  ALL sales must be made that evening.
~Volunteer passes are are by PER PERSON who scheduled a shift and cannot be combined with any other person (such as a friend or family member who helps you reach the consignor discount).  
~Vendor Passes are only given to those who are working the event (2 passes max. per table).


Consignors that Registered to sell their items at the event must volunteer a minimum of 1 Work Shift = 3 hours, to attend the Presale.

We offer special discounts and earlier presale passes the more work shifts you perform.   Friends and Family can help too, just register their time under your Consignor ID- Home Page!  Presale passes are handed out per person per work shift.  If a family member works 1 shift and you work 1 shift you both get to attend the 7pm-8pm (not the 6pm-8pm)

Visit our  VOLUNTEER TAB under "Consignor" for more information. 

Presale Passes are given out at the Front Desk during your scheduled DROP OFF Time.


Volunteers ONLY do not have items to sell at the event and are NOT helping a registered Consignor.   Volunteers ONLY must volunteer a minimum of 1 Work Shift = 3 hours, to attend the PreSale. 

The more work shifts you schedule the earlier Presale you may attend (See above).  
Visit our  VOLUNTEER TAB under "VOLUNTEER ONLY" for more information & to register there.

PreSale Passes are given out at the front desk 15 minutes before the presale begins.  There will be a checklist of attendees awaiting their passes.


Vendors who have Registered to rent a table to market their business at the current event are automatically invited to the Presale.  You attend the PREMIER Volunteer Presale Time.

Vendor Set up starts at 4pm - 8pm on Thursday (Presale night) and your pass is 5pm-8pm.  We only give out Presale passes to consultants at your table; maximum of 2 presale passes per table. 

Volunteering is NOT mandatory for Vendors (it is ONLY an option if they are a Consignor too and want to earn a discount from their Consignor Fee).

All sales must be made that night.  You cannot hold items at your table to purchase later.

PreSale Passes will be given out as you Check In to Set Up on Thursday Night (or if you are a Consignor too we will have them at the front desk during your scheduled Drop Off Time).


Premier Volunteers start  to shop the Earliest!  
Check Out Registers will NOT OPEN until 6pm.  Premier Volunteers are considered as: