Volunteer - Earn up to 80% & Shop Early!

Work Duties

We have simple job duties in 3 hour increments = 1 Work Shift.  Work shifts are scheduled by logging into the electronic system and choose a specific day, time, duty that they wish to perform.  Slots fill up fast!

See WORK SHIFTS VIEW shows a schedule of our shifts available at this upcoming event.
See JOB DUTIES (1 Page) Look for a quick overview of the Work Shifts with basic duty descriptions.
See FULL JOB DESCRIPTIONS ALPHA ORDER Look for a FULL description of each shift in alpha order.
See FAMILY WORKER AGREEMENT Needed for Consignors who have family/friends helping them.

Consignor Work Shifts

Volunteering is mandatory at least 1 Work Shift. Log into your Consignor Homepage and under "Schedule a Work Shift" select an OPEN Shift.  (Also see Job Duties link above).

DISCOUNTS:  However, for EACH 2 shifts you volunteer, you will receive a 5% discount from the consignor fee that is taken from your sales. (Earning up to 80% -maximum given). Family/Friends that volunteer under your ID# the work shifts WILL BE COMBINED to get you to your discount. 
EXAMPLE:  1 Work Shift (mandatory)= Presale Only, add another shift for 2 Work Shifts = 5%, 3 Work Shifts still 5%, 4 Shifts = 10% max allowed.  FAMILY/FRIENDS CAN HELP:  If you work 1 Shift and Family/Friend works 1 Shift this is 2 Work Shifts =5%.  If you work 2 Shifts and your Family/Friend works 2 Shifts = 10%.

PRESALE PASSES:  Presale Passes will be given out during Drop Off according to the number of Work Shifts (per person) scheduled.  See Presale Information.  Presale passes given out BY PERSON so if you and a family/friend help, they are NOT COMBINED for the Scheduled Presale Hours. 
EXAMPLE:  If you work 1 Shift and your Family/Friend works 1 Shift, then you both can attend the 7pm-8pm Presale.
FAMILY / FRIEND WORKERS:  You can have a Family Member or Friend to work shifts for you to receive discounts!  (However, you cannot sell their items under your consignor number per the Consignor Waiver and Agreement).  Husbands work great as security, rack set up and tear down.  Simply log into your Consignor Homepage to select a work shift for THEM and then send an email with your ID#, their relationship & full name, volunteer date, time and duty.  Listed above is the FAMILY/FRIEND WORKER AGREEMENT for them to sign and you can bring with your during Drop Off. 

RAFFLE:  All consignors who volunteer will receive a raffle ticket for each hour they work to try to win one of our donated raffle baskets.  Consignors who have family/friends who volunteer can add their hours to receive tickets, but family/friends cannot participate in the raffle.  (You must be present on the last day of the sale to pick up your prize during Pick Up; otherwise you cannot participate.)

Volunteer (not Consignors) Work Shifts

If you don't have items to sell (AND are not volunteering for a consignor. Family/Friends log in under the consignor ID#); you would still like to attend the presale, you only need to volunteer at least 1 SHIFT = 3 hours that is physically at the sale. For 1 Work Shift you can attend the presale from 7pm-8pm.  If you chose 2 SHIFTS you can attend the presale 6-8pm.  See Presale Information

Volunteer ONLY must login below as a WORKER and select a volunteer time.  Confirmation email will be sent to you along with your job duty responsibilities the week of the sale.  

Presale Passes can be picked up 15 minutes prior to the appropriate presale time at the front desk. 

When you register as a Volunteer Only it will ask you for a CONSIGNOR NUMBER and you will indicate "0" Zero unless if you were a past consignor that cannot sell this time.  VOLUNTEERS ONLY CLICK HERE:  (Consignors and their family members who help them DO NOT register here, registration is completed on the Consignors Homepage). 

Click here to REGISTER to Volunteer



If you need to reschedule your volunteer times, log back in to edit.  You will have until the cut-off time to reschedule.  If an emergency come up, you need to contact KID MANIA via phone to find a replacement.
If you cancel after the cut-off date or don't contact KID MANIA you will be charged a "NO SHOW FEE" which is $10 for EACH HOUR taken from your settlement check AND/OR you will be removed from future Pre-Sale Events. 


Volunteers (and a spouse) are the only people able to attend our presale. If you did not select a volunteer shift on line, you are not permitted to attend.

The presale is Thursday night 5pm-8pm before the Public Sale (See the SHOP Tab / Presale):
5pm - 6pm Premier Volunteer Presale (5+Shifts or other)
6pm - 8pm (2- 4) Shift Volunteer Presale
7pm - 8pm (1) Shift Volunteer Presale


HUSBANDS ARE NEEDED! If both of you work 3 hours, you make the 6 hours required for your 5% consignor discount., or an immediate family member (not friend) can volunteer to get the 5% and they can attend the presale. 

Volunteer Shifts PRIOR to the Event

If you cannot volunteer during the sale (FRIDAY - SUNDAY) we offer three other ways in which you can help: