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how to tag items

prepare items


ENTER items


PRICE items







Sorting Items
Start early & sorting your items in bins by type of item.  Keep a running Sample Inventory Sheet inside until you are ready to enter your items into the system (OPTIONAL).  Examples would be a bin for: Girl Clothes, Boy Clothes, Girl Shoes, Boy Shoes, Toys, Books, Electronics, etc…
Inventory Sample Sheet

We accept ANY kind of hanger as long as it fits the clothing & they are not falling off.  Start saving and hoarding those hangers today!
The best place to find hangers

tagging guns vs. safety pins
Safety Pins are acceptable (NO STRAIGHT PINS or TINY GOLD PINS). Tagging Guns are faster to tag your items than pins!
You can purchase Tagging Guns on EBay, Staples, OfficeMax, etc.  
How to Get Rid of Holes and How to use a Tagging Gun

girl clothes
Hanger faces to the right and tag is on the right side

boy clothes
Hanger faces to the left and tag is on the left side


All toys or equipment that require a battery MUST have working batteries included.

When tagging toys, use a safety pin or clear packing tape. If there are any loose items, please put them in a zip lock baggie and tape securely with the clear packing tape or SHRINK WRAP (I get at Walmart).

Make sure if you have extra pieces that they are secured to the toy. This ensures the items staying together for sale.

video games

1) NEW STILL IN THE BOX: Make sure the box is sealed or place packing tape to seal in the game. Place a price tag on the back of the box.

2) USED WITH ORIGINAL BOX: Verify you have the correct game in the box and seal with packing tape.  Place the price tag on the back of the box.  

3) USED WITH NO BOX: Print only one tag and place the game in a zip top bag and staple (or use packing tape) to a piece of card board to HOLD your game.  This way it won’t be easy to steal and put in a purse!

large items

Larger Items go in HALL 2 and will have LARGE CLAIM TICKETS 
attached to them to replace the holding area. You print your Price Tag and attached to the bottom portion of our Large Claim Tickets.  Shoppers then can tear off the bottom portion with your price tag, pay and come back to pick up this item!

If you have more than 5 items that require a Large Claim Ticket, email 
us with your ID#, Name, Address & number of claim tickets you need.  KID MANIA will mail them to you ahead of time.  Otherwise, we will help you complete them at Drop Off, just bring your price tag with you!



Suggested pricing is ½ if NEW or ¼ if USED of the retail value. Bulk your items together to get at least $1.00 worth.

Kid Mania prices are in increments of $0.50 cents. If you do not know the retail price, check websites.

When pricing, remember that we are selling mostly USED items. Think, “Would I pay that price for a used item?”


  • Consignors login using the “Consignor Login” link at the top of the Kid Mania website.

  • Consignors login as many times as they want until the DISABLE DATE: Saturday, APR 27th at 11:59pm, to input or edit Inventory, Help Shifts, and Drop Off Shift; however, you will still have access to print your tags after this date.

  • Price Tags are printed at home on Card Stock Paper (weight 65# or heavier) WHITE Card Stock on Price Tags that have DISCOUNT: NO; and YELLOW Card Stock on Price Tags that have DONATE: YES. Do NOT use regular copy paper or textured paper. You can purchase Card Stock at Target, Walmart, Office Max, Staples, Sams. Do not alter the printed tags and do not put tape over the bar codes.

  • Consignors can view items sold AND unsold on this system at the end of each day of the event. Final reports will be available within 2 weeks after the sale is over to view your % of items sold.

CATEGORY: Review all options and select the best description; BE ACCURATE AND CHOOSE THE RIGHT CATEGORY / SIZE! It is important because certain items are coded taxable!  Scroll down to read each category.  It is also used to create our MEGA floor plan.
SIZE: All clothing MUST have a size.  If you have a 3 month Item, please select “Clothing: 3 month”; NOT “Shoes: 3″. Always pick the size that it Starts With: ex 3-6mo, select “Clothing: 3month”.. ALL Clothing must have a size! ONLY if it is an item that is not worn, such as a TOY, select the option “LEAVE BLANK”.
DESCRIPTION # 1: Brand Name & Type (Example: Carters Dress)
DESCRIPTION # 2: Color & Description (Ex: Red with Blue Flowers) As descriptive as you can without going over allotted space.
PRICING: Price starts at $1 & in increments of $0.50. Consignors make their own prices. (see our pricing chart for help)
DISCOUNT: Check this box if you want to sell it for 1/2 Price only on Sunday.
DONATE: Check this box to donate your item if UNSOLD.  (Donate:YES must be printed on Yellow Card Stock)

  • Items missing tags will NOT be sold and placed in Lost & Found (hoping the tag will be found). You have a chance to claim on Sunday during pick up; otherwise it will be placed in donations before we leave Sunday.

  • Be specific on your tags so we can SEARCH items missing a tag.  Don’t abbreviate with FP (Fisher Price) & Don’t just say “shirt”, we have thousands of them!

  • Lost & Found Items are not kept by KID MANIA, LLC.  If you are missing items, we suggest you write them off as a donation.


Past Consignor’s unsold Inventory stays in the system up to 24 months as INACTIVE. Consignors do not have to recreate tags unless it’s past the 24 months or if the tag needs editing. Once a sale is over, all unsold items that a consignor did not donate will go into an INACTIVE file. When the consignor pays their registration fee, they need to go to the file and make all the items they are bringing back to the upcoming event ACTIVE again (see below for instructions).

Please REPRINT your Price Tags if you make any changes to them.  Don’t forget if you change them to DONATE: YES you will have to print them on YELLOW Card Stock!

INACTIVE TO ACTIVE INSTRUCTIONS:  Log into your consignor homepage>Activities Menu Drop Down select “Work with Consigned Inventory”>select the “Inactive Inventory” Button>check mark next to items you are bringing back>select the “Activate Selected Items” Button.  DO NOT SELECT “MAKE ALL ITEMS ACTIVE” unless you know 100% each of those items are in your bin at drop off!!  Remember some items might be out of season, or you did not get them back at the end of the last sale (lost or donated).

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